Jazz Bar Thanks

Just wanted to say a quick ‘Thank You’ to all who attended the gig in the Jazz Bar last night.  It was nice to wheel out some of the more mellow tunes!  I got shivers up and down my spine when we played The Truth and that hasn’t happened for a while – I suppose if it doesn’t mean something to me (at least) it would be a sad look out.    An especially big thanks to Jean-Baptiste Richon for sitting in on the piano/keys for most of the set -  made our last Jazz Bar gig of the year really special.  I don’t know which was most impressive: JB’s new jazz facial hair or the sound of that new piano (check out www.thejazzbar.co.uk for more details).  While we’re at it, thanks to Bill, Sandy and all the staff at the Jazz Bar for their help and support during the year. 

Right, that’s the end of the gushing gratitude for tonight.  I can’t think why I love the world right now.  Anyone would think Aberdeen had just beaten Copenhagen 4-0…

Merry Christmas!  

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