Jazz Breakfast

I thought we’d give you a bit of ‘Sparknotes’ on each of the songs in the album, starting with:  Jazz Breakfast.

This song was written by Paul about his pre-Gecko3 days with the mid-90s acid jazz disco funk sensation that was The Ugly Groove Movement.  As Captain Funk, Paul was one of the driving forces behind this phenomenal band  (Hugh and Marty both guested on occasion).  The band featured a stunning range of talent, amongst them individuals who would subsequently go on to be BAFTA winners, a world renowned linguistics expert, a spy, a prize-winning author of children’s books, the guy who developed the voice recognition software on your android phone (really, as well as some of those who worked on the project) and Ken Barrett (Big Daddy Love).  Shifty Al was the guy with the van who they got to be their roadie when they became too big to bother lifting amps themselves… The song also mentions an old Favorit bar near the King’s theatre in Edinburgh which is now a Thai fusion restaurant but happily you can still eat at the City Café if you wanna do a jazz breakfast.

Jazz Breakfast

Yo! We’re comin’ back late from the show, there’s only one place to go – ’cause it’s open ’til 3 and there ain’t no entry fee.  (We just ditched the gear and it’s high time for beer, see we been holding back a bit to let the grooves come out nice and clear – except Bullmoose, man he been drinkin’ all night long.)  Well Favorit is not our favourite place to go at night.  See we told them many times that we just don’t like the light; the sevice ain’t fast but our main beef’s with the wattage, but it’s open and free and right beside the Funky Cottage. Spirits are high we’re on a buzz from all the groovin’, but we need to get a roadie, we could do without the moving of the gear – gotta talk to Shifty Al man there ain’t no one better. Yeah, could I get eight pints of Stella?


Do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do a jazz breakfast?


It’s gone 2:22 and we need to make a move.  I’ve been neckin’ back the o.j. while Pooh-sticks is in the phone booth, trying to hussle up a posse for the party in the afternoon – now we’re singing our hangover tune.   Bullmoose’s been standing in the shower for an hour so we’re makin’ our way to the City Café.  We get a table at the back so we don’t take no flack when we try to play pool and end up lookin’ like total fool.  Slow but true, here come the rest of the crew, at last it’s Bullmoose and Lips, yeah and Funkbunny too; Big Daddy Love and Bijou Mama, Double-wah and the Lady.  We need another table, you say ‘yeah’ when we say…


Do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do a jazz breakfast?


So, yeah, could I get three for tea and five more for coffee; the girls are still deciding so we’ll start here with me: now I know it’s not on the menu but could you cut me some slack, ’cause we all want chicken burgers jalapenos and jack? Jalapenos and jack, jalapenos and jack, jalapenos and jack, jalapenos and jack, jalapenos and jack, jalapenos and jack, damn I need some pickled chillies for my Monterey snack. Lips decides she wants the all day breakfast option – but hold the fungus and make sure the beans and eggs ain’t touching.  Big Daddy Love is hungry, but what a fuss he’s making: he wants the all day breakfast, vegetarian, with bacon.   But spare a sympathy for our own Funkbunny, they never get the order right, though she waits so patiently.  Now we can’t see the table for the Lady’s Sunday papers but we know we will return ’cause the Moose is gonna make us.


Do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do, do you wanna do a jazz breakfast?   Etc.

Album WILL be released this year!

Okay, it has taken a while, but the mastering is finished and the artwork is being created as we speak. The intention is to release the album formally in October, but we will have some advance copies available at the Fringe shows.
Track listing will be as follows:
1.Jazz Breakfast
2.Get Back in the Van
3.Gecko 123
6.The Mutual Congratulation Society
7.The Key to Evolution
9.The Doo Doo Song
10.By Some Miracle
11.What is my life?

If your favourites aren’t on here then you’ll just have to buy our EPs or indeed the next album…

Gecko 3 @ Edinburgh Fringe 2013

We are delighted to return to the Fringe this year. We are playing on two Fridays: 9th and 16th August, 2013 in the multi-award winning Jazz Bar on Chambers’ Street. It’s a slightly earlier start than normal – at 12 midnight (technically we playing in the early hours of Saturday but the ‘Fringe day’ runs from 4am to 4am.) Of course it’s not so early that you don’t have time to drink and eat enough so that you can dance your ass off from the first song. Look forward to seeing you there!

Inching towards the finish line

Well, the mixing and mastering is very, very nearly completed!  Paul’s just got a few wee tweaks to make – which he assures us will only take a couple of hours – and we’re done. 

Very excited by the way the songs are sounding.  Havana has some beautiful piano on it from JB.  He’s also laid some killer keys on a few other tunes like the Doo Doo song, MCS and By Some Miracle.  Stunning stuff. 

It’s looking now like we’re going to go for a release date early next year but we may have a few sneaky preview copies available before that.  Watch this space.

Given into trouble…

Thanks so much to everyone that came to the Jazz Bar shows during the Festival! I felt I had to post because I had a great chat with Cameron (I think… it was very late) who works at the Norton House Hotel and he gave me a row for never updating the website. He’s right of course, but I’ve been busy producing offspring (which was fun) and finishing the album (which wasn’t quite so much fun but probably sounds better). Anyway, Paul has finished mixing four tracks and we are due to complete the remainder in the next month so I’ll update you on that shortly.

Album Shmalbum

So those of you not too weary of our long running album saga may be interested in a wee update.  After deciding for a second time that we didn’t like what we had down a couple of years ago, we went into Colorsound studios for a few days last year and recut the original tracks plus a number of new ones.  We’re really excited by the results.  We’re up to our elbows – well, Paul’s elbows – in WAV files right now, and hope to have the remaining few bits of recording – mainly comedy percussion and the vocals – down in the next six weeks.  The aim is to have the album for the Fringe dates in August so the pressure’s on!

After that, we have enough to get going on the next album which (so far) we’re calling ‘Bubblegum Gravy’, after a track you’ve not yet heard, but it’s great, trust me – it is in fact ‘the shit’, but we decided against using that as an album title becuase it was a little too open to abuse…  Still, if the first only took us about six years then surely this one might be a bit quicker. Ahem.

Exciting times.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows and Jazz Bar Gig this Saturday

How have you been keeping? Where to start after so long? Well, the groove seems as good a place as any. After two fantastic nights last August we’re expanding the Festival Fringe participation to five shows this year – Wednesdays and Fridays We’ll be onstage slightly earlier than normal at midnight (or 11.59pm) on Wed. 8th, Fri. 10th, Wed.15th, Fri.17th and Wed. 22nd. It’ll be just five pounds in and becuase it’s our show we get to play for 90 minutes! If you’re out and about at the Festival what better way to finish up than dancing your ass off at the Jazz Bar!
And just to prove how much we love it, we’re playing Edinburgh’s famous Jazz Bar this Saturday (21st Apr.) On at 1am (so technically that’s the 22nd) and it’s £5 on the door. DJ Erik Da Viking will be laying down some wax before and after. It should be a great night!

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