Gecko 1,2…

..Gecko without Hugh. Ah, it’s great when your drummer never visits his own website – even after we drop hints that there may be an entire thread on the forum devoted to this fact. We’ve taken it a step further and have started booking gigs without him, just to see if he spots the posters. Only joking – he’s well aware that he’s missing the 2nd Spectrum event in the Queen’s Hall which (for an amazing £5) features a full line up of top bands on the main stage (including our pals Amplifico, DoPE and Found) as well as an “Acoustic Attic” organised by Acoustic Edinburgh featuring many more top acoustic acts including Douglas Kay, Alan & Simon from Underbelly, Andi Neate, The Dead Beat Club and topping the night off, another outing for Marty & Paul as acoustic / beatbox combo Gecko 2.

April’s looking to be a busy month for us with 3 more dates including a return to Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Check gigs page for more info.

We had a constructive band meeting recently (despite ending up solving the world’s problems over a glass of whisky at 5am) during which we recorded some chat for the first Gecko 3 Podcast! We listened to all the songs we’d recorded over the last 3 years (most of which is unreleased) and after critical listening decided that a Podcast would be the best medium to distribute some of the tracks that we like a lot but are never going to put on any ‘hard’ media. We’re huge fans of the Amplificast and are inspired to follow suit, not least because it gives us another excuse to sit around talking rubbish with our instruments and a few beers.

Our other plans for the year include releasing a follow up EP to ‘Mentum’ by the summer (most of which is already recorded) and all being well, our first full length album by the end of the year. With that on top of more ambitious gigging plans, we’re going to be busy little lizards.

Thanks for all the emails, forum posts, online EP and MP3 sales and for coming out to our gigs! Hopefully catch you at a gig soon!

The beat goes on

After another class trip up to Inverness we’ve got a load of new gigs planned (check the gigs page) as we’re all over the place. Thanks to Rachael & bar staff and sound engineer Scott at Hootenannies – we had a great night and met a load of lovely drunk lovers of the groove. We recorded the gig off the desk (something we haven’t done for years) and were really surprised (in a good way) – it’s always a learning experience to hear yourselves back but despite playing everything at twice the speed we thought we were, it’s sounding pretty good – we may stick some live MP3s up soon for your listening pleasure!

Speaking of MP3s – we recorded some grooves for a short film last year and wondered if you’d like to hear them? Check our music page for 2 more FREE downloads. Not sure if they’ll evolve into songs or not but if any film makers want to use them then get in touch : ) On that note – “Old man Kulu” has been picked up and used as the regular theme music for a US Political Podcast (with our permission) – more on podcasts on our GECKO 3 FORUM.

We’re back at The Jazz Bar on Friday 10th March and hopefully unveiling some more new tunes – see you there!

The key to evolution

Well, following a less musically active January we came back with a bang more or less where we left off – in the Jazz Bar. It was nice to get back in the groove at the Fish Fry – so called because of the heat generated on the dance floor. Nice job, guys. Don’t get the impression that we weren’t busy in January though, those of us who didn’t get snowed in at the Acropolis (Ha!) have been taking a pick to the note mine. We’ve taken the chance to get some more new stuff up and running and we hope you’ll enjoy the product in the near future.

‘Is you Runnin’ T’ings’ is evolving into a deep groove with a bit of reggae thrown in for good measure, ‘The Key To Evolution ‘ should be pumping out whenever we can write the small-novel-worth of words required. It’s so phat that we’ll need to book two seats on the tour bus for it – and of course get a tour bus in the first place. Talking of tours, we’re trying to sort out something in the Highlands and Islands for later this year, but in the meantime you can catch us at Mad Hatter’s in Inverness this Friday. Looks like this year we’re managing to spread the net a little further to the West and South too, with gigs currently being planned in the Isle of Bute, Ullapool and London. We’ll keep you posted.

If you’re in Edinburgh, your next chance to catch us will be at ‘Diggin’ Deeper’ on April 7th or with the wonderful Amplifico on April 22nd in Henry’s Cellar Bar. That’s unless you can blag a ticket for the opening of (‘Mentum..’ cover artist) Mike Corbett-Reakes’ art show, of course…

Is you runnin’ t’ings?

Hugh’s returned unscathed from snowboarding and Moose is about to head off to the Hellenic Republic with Gecko Dancer ‘Pamplemousse’ so it’s been a lazy start to the new year. That said we’ve got some new confirmed dates (see gigs page) and more under negotiation for further afield. We’ve also been working on some new songs. It’s great having a good chunk of time ’til the next gig to actually do some writing rather than just tightening the set. More site updates soon – meanwhile, go and have a snoofter around our new forum (if you fancy).

Hogmanay Hangover

…is finally clearing and last night saw us fighting the headaches to play a very chilled unplugged set at the first Acoustic Edinburgh of the year. Advertised as the Acoustic Edinburgh Hogmanay Hangover Party, we (having met up for “a spot of lunch” on Jan 2nd and ended up staggering home from Douglas Kay‘s house 14 hours later) played a very subdued set including a debut of the re-worked ‘Wolftime’. The bill was shared by the mindblowingly good Amplifico, the very chilled out Floozie Soo, Alan D & Simon Q from the legendary Underbelly and the mellow John Sloan. Excellent night all round.

We have a couple of new songs in the pipeline so we’re going to work on them until the next confirmed gig which is back at The Jazz Bar on Feb 11th.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the Hogmanay gig – it was an amazing night for us having so many of our pals there and to see in the new year with a Conga line to Donkeys and Elephants!

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