Life enhancing breakdancing

Great gig last night.  The Quantic Soul Orchestra were a top band and very nice guys.  A special mention must go to the performance of their Hammond player: that man knows how to sell a solo! Spanky was a tremendous performer and watching her get the crowd singing and giving people who were talking (instead of singing) into trouble was class.  Interestingly, during the sound check the Quantics were trying out some latin stuff with afrobeat drums and guitar which sounded awesome.  I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t play any of it during the set, but Will said they’d only come up with the groove the day before.  It’s something to look forward to, believe me.

Our set went down well and we had a lot of fun.  Tomsk (from Bombskare) played an extremely tasteful solo on Jazz Club and the Low Down and the last two tracks were further enhanced by three guys doing some breakdancing right in front of the stage.  Fantastic.  I just wanted to stop singing and watch them, but once I start if I don’t finish the song my head explodes due to the presence of an excess of words.   Anyway, like I said, the dancing was great and quite inventive. If you happen to read this guys, it was a real pleasure to see you throwing down some moves.  Get in touch and maybe we can all do it again some time?  A top night.  Cheers if you came along. 

Quantic and Spanky

OK, now we’re getting excited – for tomorrow we support the incredible Quantic Soul Orchestra featuring the legendary Spanky Wilson

Promoting their latest release I’m Thankful, these guys have been touring relentlessly for the last 18 months and we’re chuffed to be joining them on the Edinburgh leg of their tour.

Joining us on stage will be sorceror of the flute: Tom Pickles so this is one not to be missed!

Departure Lounge Flyer
When: Thursday 7th Dec, doors 8pm, Gecko3 on stage at 8.30pm, QSO 9.30pm
Where: The Bongo Club, Edinburgh
How much: £10 presales / £13 on the door
Tickets: Ripping, Fopp, Tickets Scotland, Underground and Ticketweb
Note – we’re able to get some concession tickets for G3 fans so get in touch and we’ll see what we can do
See you there!


Very excited about the upcoming support slot for the Quantic Soul Orchestra on Thursday.  So excited that apparently I am living my life one month out of synch with the rest of the world: sorry for saying that the gig was on Thursday 7th November in my last mailout - it should of course have read Thursday 7th December.  Thanks to those of you who pointed out my mistake.  I suspect that my error was due to accidentally missing July this year due to an administrative error in my head.  

So, having had so much fun in Paris, I headed to Amsterdam last weekend without the rest of the band to see if I could drum up some gigs for us in summer.  Things are looking quite positive, but I’m not sure that I understand Dutch humour… In Cafe Alto ( a nice little jazz club) there had obviously been a booking mistake so they had scratched up a band at the last minute who took the stage nearly two hours late.  Anyway, the pianist’s opening gambit was to apologise for the late start and to state that unfortunately the band who should have played had been wiped out in a car crash.  Hilarious.  

On the plus side, I can thoroughly recommend Bar Gollem in Amsterdam.  Tiny and intimate, it stocks over two hundred different beers and the several ones that I tried (I lost count) all seemed pretty good.  Also, they didn’t point and laugh when I smacked my head off a rafter coming back up the stairs.   Concussion or not, Gollem makes it into my top thirty European bars.  Hmm, now there’s an idea for a tour… 



Tout le monde aime un solo de basse… apparently.

Wow! Or should I say ‘Bof!’  What a weekend!  On Saturday night we played in Bar L’Olympic (Rue Simart) on the fringes of Montmartre and we had a fantastic time.  The owners of the bar were leading the dancing with the customers joining in and small crowds pressing their faces to the glass like kids at a sweetie shop, or so I’m told – we had our backs to the glass.  (It is of course possible that the were crowding round to see the curiosity of a drummer without an ass, but I prefer to think they were attracted by the music.)  It was oddly reminiscent of the old days in the Gilded Saloon.  Several fantastic guest spots were performed by Jean-Baptiste Richon and Steve Meeker who both played up a storm.  Thanks also go to Lionel Pascaud for his impromptu French rap in the Doo Doo Song.  Thanks too to the Jazzmooners for sorting out the gig and lending us their instruments for the evening – nice set and a nice CD, guys. The biggest thanks, though, go to Steve and Virginie for putting up with us all weekend.  Getting a group of musicians organised and across Paris so that we all arrived together was no mean feat.  they should take up cat herding with a skill set like that. 

All in all our gallic excursion has just made us more determined than ever to sort out a tour in Europe (concentrating on France) in the last two weeks of July next year.  L’Olympic have already agreed to host at least one leg of the tour.  We may manage to sort out a gig in Benon, too, so dust off your phrasebooks and corkscrews and come along – even if it’s just to laugh at me mangling the French language at the mic.!

(Gay) Paris

A late addition to the Gecko 3 gigging programme saw the trio playing an emergency fill-in spot alongside the marvellous ‘Team Salt’ at Heriot Watt when ‘Found’ couldn’t make it.  A very enjoyable gig and nice to see some returning faces from our last trip out there.  We also very much enjoyed ripping it up acoustically at Donna Amplifico’s houseparty on last Saturday night.  Thanks to everyone who was dancing and to Donna’s neighbours for not complaining about the drumkit.
The first bit of really big news this month, though, is that Gecko 3 are gigging in Paris in less than a fortnight – playing alongside the ‘Jazzmooners’ which feature (on sax) our old friend and musical collaborator Steve ‘the ear’ Meeker – now resident in the French capital.  (It is a little known fact that the first gig ever played by Gecko 3 was done so in Henry’s Cellar Bar under the name of ‘The Meeker Connection’  becuase just dropping his name was enough to get us the gig.)
The second thing that is causing great excitement chez lizard right now is that we’ve been asked to support the fantastic ‘Quantic Soul Orchestra’ at the Bongo Club on Thursday December 7th.  We’ll pass on more details when we get them.
Finally, next month, after we’ve spent a week recording and honing our grooves for extra pleasure, you can also catch us at the Jazz Bar on Saturday December 16th and then kicking off 2007 with a bring-a-hangover party in the Jazz Bar on January 1st!
Be happy.

Big pic in The Scotsman

September was rounded off by a return ‘dahrn sarf’ to the University of Herts to take part in their Fresher’s Ball alongside the Fresh Prince and the Cuban Brothers. After a brief break so our bass player could ‘find himself’ on Rhodes (that happened to me once, but the car swerved) we enjoyed a maiden gig in Peebles last Saturday. We were joined on stage by the keys and horns of laid back soul-funksters Floozie Soo for a huge finale of ‘Jazz Club’ and ‘The Low Down’ that left us all smiling. Thanks guys. We have a busy close to October on the way. Our upcoming gigs include a support for New York’s entertainingly eccentric ‘Kenny Young and the Eggplants’ tonight a Bannerman’s, a return to Mr Lynch’s in Newcastle (pet) on Friday 27th Oct, the Saturday Night Fish Fry at the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh on the 28th and a slot on another of the tremendous Oxjam events at Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh) on the 29th. We have further news on the recording front, too. We are finally going to get our digitally-home-recording-enabled asses up to the Highlands for a week in mid-December to finish the long-promised follow up EP to ‘Mentum..’ and record the album. It should be a busy week, but we’re all very excited. Nice to see a picture of the Moose and me in The Scotsman today. Glad they’ve recognised that our drummer Hugh is just ancillary…

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