ID Parade

The long awaited return of the excellent Edinburgh live music showcase Identity Parade begins this Saturday at Heriot Watt Students Union.

There’s a great line up of talent on 3 separate stages beginning at 9pm and Gecko 3 will be the final live act of the show with an acoustic set at 1.20am

Benny - The Identity Parade Mascot

Cheap booze and a “Later with Jools Holland” style atmosphere will make this an unmissable event.

Full line up below:
9pm – 9:30pm DJ Wez
9:30pm – 9:40pm Graeme & Alan Introduction
9:40pm – 9:55pm Alan Davison
9:55pm – 10:05pm DJ Wez
10:05pm – 10:35pm Jill Jackson
10:35pm – 11pm Richie Gallagher
11pm – 11:10pm DJ Wez
11:10pm – 11:40pm The Kays Lavelle
11:40am – 12:10am My Radio
12:10am – 12:20am DJ Wez
12:20am – 12:40am Kristian Labak
12:40am – 1:10am The Constants
1:10am – 1:20am DJ Wez
1:20pm – 1:50am Gecko 3
1:50am – 3am DJ Wez
3am – Close!
All this for FREE ENTRY! As this is a Students Union event, all non-students must be accounted for on the door. If you’d like to attend, please send an email to and tell him you’re a Gecko 3 fan!

Hopefully see you there.

j’aime beacoup faire de la photographie

Et…. voila – les photographs de notre gig en Paris ils y a… ici!
(Excusez-moi mon Francais…)

Translated – “here’s some photies from our Paris gig and that”

Marty goes for an extended jazz chord, inspired by a rather nice Gibson semi.


Moose gets creative with the Palatino “French Stick”…


Hugh lays down the law before “les gendarmes du la musique…. jazz” arrive.

View all the pics——————> here!

Alors. I’m sure there’s some sort of “trackback” thing you can do in the whole Blog thingy but until I’ve worked it out, check out the venue blog… here
A great wee bar to find yourself in if you’re in Paris & keep an eye out for The Jazz Mooners

We shall be returning to L’Olympique on our forthcoming European Tour – details to be announced!

Frog Chorus

Anyone know how to shift that chest/throat infection thingy?  I’ve had it since December the 22nd (on and off) and it won’t leave me alone.  I thought a measure of fame would be to achieve my first stalker, I just didn’t realise it might only be a virus…  The recording is experiencing a temporary hiatus until my voice recovers but it’s taking forever.  Mucho pissed off.   We did manage to get the lead vocals down for three tracks in between me bleating and moaning about not feeling well though, so it’s not all bad news.  Just three more leads, backs, a couple of acoustic guitar tracks and some comedy percussion and we’ll be all set.  We’re currently aiming to launch in a mid-evening gig at the Jazz Bar on Saturday March 24th, though that would be throat-dependent because it’s hard to launch an ep that hasn’t been recorded.  I’m off for a pint of lemsip tops.  Bleat, moan, whine, noone’s ever been this unwell etc.  (I can’t multitask either.)


The future’s bright, the future’s…

Orange.  Or at least it might be.  That’s one possible venue for the tour (it’s just South of Lyon – with a very nice Roman Theatre, as I recall.)  Frankly the future’s damn busy the way things are looking.  We’re starting phase two of the EP recording tonight which involves doing the vocals and any overdubs or extra guitars that we decide on.  Time scales are getting tight for the intended Spring release but we are still on course – just.  And then there’s the ongoing process of gig arrangement.  The good news is that it looks like we may get a spot in ‘Ca Jazz a Huy’, a festival in Eastern Belgium in late July.  Nothing’s confirmed yet but it’s looking positive.  Even more exciting is the spot we have provisionally been offered on the bill of a major one day festival in Hertfordshire on August 11th.  It’s no big deal really, just two wee stages and 35000 people.  Might even take two boxes of CDs to that one.  Hmmm.  Anyway, nearer to home, it looks like the legendary Steve ‘the Ear’ Meeker may well be joining us at the Jazz Bar on February 24th because he’s flying in from Paris to lay down some fluffy sax on some tracks for us.  That is not to be missed.  Like I said, the future’s bright…  

Season’s Greetings

Happy New Year!

Gecko 3 Christmas photo

Marty raided his jumper collection for our Christmas photo.  This was taken at our highland retreat where we’ve finished the basic recording for this years’ releases.

We’re now beavering away on them in the studio so new media on the way soon!

Thanks to all those who dragged their hungover asses to The Jazz Bar last night – we had a great time with Tom Pickles sitting in on the funky flute once again on Jazz Club and on The Lowdown – our tribute to the late, great Godfather of Soul – James Brown.
Thanks to every one who supported us last year – we’ve got big plans for 2007 so watch this space!

4 Recordings and a Tour Date… Santa who?

Finding it hard to refocus on Christmas after the week of recording up in the Highlands – well, I say a week, actually it ended up being a little under four days given a mystery illness which hit me (one evening) and then Moose (day and a half) and travel issues caused by the relentless wind and rain.   We got a lot done in that shortened period though with kick-ass versions of the Doo Doo Song, Key to Evolution, Is You Runnin’ T’ings?, Funky Dove, Jazz Breakfast, Havana and By Some Miracle in the bag as far as the instrumentation goes.  Lots of work still to be done (I’m warming up my vocal chords as I type – that’s the thing about singers, it’s always ‘me me me’)  but the intention at this point is still to get an EP out (a companion piece to Mentum..) early in the year followed by an album before we go off on tour. 

We have secured our first tour date – at the end of the tour – in that little Parisian bar ‘L’Olympic’ for July 28th!   Current thinking is to tour down through Holland, Belgium and France to the Sud and back up the West of France in the last two weeks in July.  If anyone fancies joining us for a couple of dates (or longer) then the idea is going to be camping and drinking fine wine and gigging in July in the aforementioned geographical locations.  Sounds crap doesn’t it? Santa who?  I can’t sleep already from the excitement of thinking about the summer. 

Those of you who are outdoor types – hillwalking or festivals –  might care to consider a trip to the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe on Friday 25th May for a gecko 3 gig, followed by a day in the hills or a trip further North and West to the second day of the Skye festival, depending on how the mood takes you. It’s all good. 

Merry Christmas everyone, from all of us in gecko 3!


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