Is Hugh ever going to post?

It’s a question which I’ve been mulling over for some time now.  When he confirmed the Skye Music Festival was on we said, ‘Great! Why don’t you make that your first post.’  It wasn’t intended to be a question.  He said ‘Great, I’ll do that.’   


That was a space to allow you  to look for the post.

When everyone was asking about T-shirts and he sent away the logo to his mate Oliver who runs one of the coolest T-shirt businesses in New York (Mister Blister) we said, ‘Great.  Make that your first post.’  He said ‘Great!’ 


Can you see where I’m going with this?   

Mo’ mentum

We’ve just heard that our new mini-album “Momentum” (the follow-up to our last EP “Mentum”) will be arriving tomorrow!- a whole 2 days before the launch date. We can now breathe easy knowing that we’ll have something to sell this time…

momentum cover artWith artwork again by the amazingly talented MCR, it looks great and sounds large.

Track listing is:


Club Whamabama

Just Like You

In Camera


This Day

Please come along to our special early evening CD Launch Gig at The Jazz Bar – this Saturday at 9pm. (FREE ENTRY)
In addition to featuring incredible guest soloists Jean-Baptiste Richon (keys), Rob Ironside (alto sax) and Douglas Kay (mouthie) we’ll be selling the very limited edition of “Momentum” for a meagre £5.  Only the first 100 copies of this CD will feature thermal printed artwork and a 4 page booklet so please come along on saturday night and help us celebrate the results of our labour of love.
See you then!

As busy as Mrs B. Body of Busy Cottage, Busyton, at a church social, after accidentally over-hearing that two of her neighbours have been having an affair…

Or, as busy as Juan the Piranha – a fish noted by his busiest friends for being particularly busy – when a large bleeding cow has fallen in the river.  Too graphic?  Ah well… how about: as busy as an enormous bumble bee with ADT.  Basically, sorry for the break, but we’ve been busy. 

Just back from Nice where I was trying to scope a gig or two for the tour.  It’s looking quite positive.  I even had to turn down a gig there on the Saturday night on account of having no instrument and no band.  My French is so bad that it took me a while to explain why that was an insurmountable problem.  I was probably patiently explaining that I was, in fact, a courgette.   Anyway, as it transpired, this meant that I was forced to wander around the old town and along the Boulevard des Anglais and stop for a cooling drink and a relaxing paddle in the med. in preparation for going into another bar and having another drink (well, you have to be civil if you’re going to discuss a possible gig).  So as usual, all the back breaking labour was left to me. Meanwhile, back in the studio in cold Edinburgh, Moose was having fun for hours (around sixty of them) putting the very final finishing touches to the EP.   And do I get a word of thanks? No.  But I don’t complain.  i just get on with it.  Did I mention it was 70 degrees?  Too hot to be working, but never a grumble passed my lips.  My dedication to the cause is such that I even found time to stop in to Amsterdam in between flights.  It’s a tough job.  I think ‘trooper’ is quite a strong word but I’m prepared to step forward when my name is called… 

The tour’s going to be great.  On top of which, the EP/mini album sounds awesome, by the way.  So excited about the launch on the 24th – not even two weeks away!  And then there are the other upcoming gigs, and the album! Are we nearly there yet?   Are we?  

How about now?      

At last… now I can start suffering and write that snyffony.

The lead vocals are in the bag – albeit a very large bag with a large number of takes (which will require to be carefully edited and selected) fighting within it.  But they’re done! I just ate a large amount of ice-cream to celebrate not needing to stay off coagulative dairy produce any more.  I think I might have some cheese before I go to bed.  rock and roll.

Roy Ayers

Wow! Really looking forward to this Roy Ayers gig. How many people get to play support to the guy they’ve named their guitar after, eh? My acoustic is called ‘Roy’ mainly because the badge inside the sound hole says ‘Ayers’. Strangely, up until now no one’s really got the joke. Not that Mr Ayers is a guitarist of course – that would be far too logical. Still, roll on May so that folks can get down ‘in the sunshine’, to paraphrase the great man himself. Not that there’ll be much sun in the Liquid Rooms. I’ll think I’ll go and have a nice lie down.

Grooving in tha Toon

So, last weekend we were invited to play a private party in Newcastle for Richard Owen of the very excellent UK funk outfit Groovenik.
Rich also runs the Funk Network UK and does a great job promoting rare grooves across the country. The Red Rooms were packed with fine musicians so we were chuffed to be asked to play for them all. Hopefully we’ll be back down in Newcastle soon to see our geordie mates.

gecko-3-newcastle-3This is the first post from Flickr and for the photographers among you, feel free to add any Gecko 3 photos you have to the Gecko3 Flickr Group and they’ll appear automatically on our blog!

Hmm – this could be open to abuse so apologies in advance for any dodgy pics.

We’re playing this saturday in Heriot-Watt at ID Parade so email the union & come along – there’s a great line up of acts and we’re on last so should be an amazing night.

Watch this space for some exciting gig announcements soon!

The Liquid Rooms – supporting Roy Ayers

Yep – we’re following up on our support of the Quantic Soul Orchestra and Spanky Wilson with a support slot for another 60’s and 70’s soul-jazz icon – the incredible Roy Ayers.

This is part of The Liquid Rooms’ 10th Anniversary celebrations and will also feature DJs Erik D’Viking (Trouble) and Astroboy (Departure Lounge). A night not to be missed.

Where: The Liquid Rooms, Victoria Street, Edinburgh

When:Tuesday 15th May, 8pm

Door Tax: tbc

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