Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Just in case any of you were wondering where we’ve been, I have been celebrating the birth of my son in January by getting no sleep and trying to remember how to play the guitar with a child in each arm.  Paul got married last month to the lovely Sarah (Congratulations again!) and they have been . . . → Read More: Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Tweedlove Festival

Excited to be playing the Tweedlove festival in Peebles this afternoon. Looks like the weather’s going to be okay and the folk that have been throwing themselves down hills on their bikes must have had a great weekend. 3.45pm at Tweed Green if you are in the area. Excited; our first gig for a . . . → Read More: Tweedlove Festival

Novelty Christmas Toilet Paper

I realise that the heading alone is sufficient, really, but as I always say, why use four words when fifty will do?  The concept of this has disturbed me since I was forced to buy some because that was all that the shop had left.  In what parallel realm do the designers of that product . . . → Read More: Novelty Christmas Toilet Paper

Bond… Government Bond

Not that it’s relevant to anything, but I went to see ‘Quantum of Solace’ this week.  I was just thinking that it’s weird how every generation gets the Bond it deserves.  Daniel Craig’s a great actor and is a good Bond, but the script can’t run to more than about twenty pages at the outside.  Instead, what . . . → Read More: Bond… Government Bond

Ladies and gentlemen… Roy!

On a lighter note… At a few gigs recently, people have asked whose signature is on my acoustic guitar.  I should explain that my guitar is made by Ayers, an Australian luthier.  As soon as I saw that name inside the sound box, I christened my guitar ‘Roy’ after the legendary vibes player Roy . . . → Read More: Ladies and gentlemen… Roy!

Kelburn Graffiti Project

We are playing a wee private gig in Kelburn Castle next weekend (www.kelburnestate.com).  It’ll be the third time we’ve played there and we’ve had a great time on each occasion.  Some of you may remember that we were due to play at their ‘Garden Party’ last year but the event had to be cancelled . . . → Read More: Kelburn Graffiti Project

Provisional Grooves

Thanks to everyone who was listening so attentively last night and a special thanks to those of you who bought CDs – we hope you enjoy them!   I thoroughly enjoyed the gig and the set by Cibelle was great: some really novel ideas on how to use loops and some lovely grooves. 

For those of . . . → Read More: Provisional Grooves