Episode 2: even more tyred – running on empty

As moose pointed out, the rest of that first evening may be summarised under the general heading: ‘Beer’.  It’s amazing what euphoria can do.  By the time we realised we were actually on board (and had come to terms with the disappointment of not being able to drive to Dover and then back up from […]

The definitive tour dates… until the next post

Sat. July 14th, Amsterdam, The Waterhole; www.waterhole.nl Sun. July 15th, Noyelles sur Mer (Northern France); Relais de la Baie; http://darbyshire.free.fr/various/cafe.html Mon. July 16th, Paris, Fleche D’Or; www.flechedor.fr Thurs. July 26th, Paris, Fleche D’Or; www.flechedor.fr Fri. July 27th, Paris, L’Olympic; www.olympicsimart.blogspot.com Sun. july 29th, Huy (Belgium), Ca Jazz a Huy festival, Barabas; www.pays-de-huy.be/index1.html We are actively seeking gigs […]

A wet weekend

So this weekend we all got wet.  Hugh was in Glastonbury (haven’t heard from him yet so he may still be stuck there with his gold lycra catsuit (I’m not kidding)) and me and Moose up at the Outsider attending KT Tunstall’s great gig.  Thanks to KT for the tix and the party and thanks to everyone for such […]

As busy as Mrs B. Body of Busy Cottage, Busyton, at a church social, after accidentally over-hearing that two of her neighbours have been having an affair…

Or, as busy as Juan the Piranha – a fish noted by his busiest friends for being particularly busy – when a large bleeding cow has fallen in the river.  Too graphic?  Ah well… how about: as busy as an enormous bumble bee with ADT.  Basically, sorry for the break, but we’ve been busy.  Just back from […]

At last… now I can start suffering and write that snyffony.

The lead vocals are in the bag – albeit a very large bag with a large number of takes (which will require to be carefully edited and selected) fighting within it.  But they’re done! I just ate a large amount of ice-cream to celebrate not needing to stay off coagulative dairy produce any more.  I think […]

Roy Ayers

Wow! Really looking forward to this Roy Ayers gig. How many people get to play support to the guy they’ve named their guitar after, eh? My acoustic is called ‘Roy’ mainly because the badge inside the sound hole says ‘Ayers’. Strangely, up until now no one’s really got the joke. Not that Mr Ayers is […]

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