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So those of you not too weary of our long running album saga may be interested in a wee update.  After deciding for a second time that we didn’t like what we had down a couple of years ago, we went into Colorsound studios for a few days last year and recut the original tracks plus a number of new ones.  We’re really excited by the results.  We’re up to our elbows – well, Paul’s elbows – in WAV files right now, and hope to have the remaining few bits of recording – mainly comedy percussion and the vocals – down in the next six weeks.  The aim is to have the album for the Fringe dates in August so the pressure’s on!

After that, we have enough to get going on the next album which (so far) we’re calling ‘Bubblegum Gravy’, after a track you’ve not yet heard, but it’s great, trust me – it is in fact ‘the shit’, but we decided against using that as an album title becuase it was a little too open to abuse…  Still, if the first only took us about six years then surely this one might be a bit quicker. Ahem.

Exciting times.

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  1. Yeahhhh… a sulfurous record of one of the member that i was ready to publish and spread all over internet. This great news just make me feel happy…so keepin’ it for now !!! Don’t know why but right now between my first phrase and now few minutes have passed and i got a glass of whiskey in my hand !!!


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