Le Brevedent

Heading off this weekend to headline the music festival at Le Brevedent (near Lisieux) in Normandy.  We played a gig in the chateau there last year but couldn’t take up the invitation to return for the September Festival due to gigging commitments.  This year, however, we’re right there!  France, Gecko 3 and Calvados – what could possibly go wrong?  Really looking forward to a great weekend.

2 comments to Le Brevedent

  • Lionel & Rera

    Thansk again, always a pleasure to see you on stage ! Thanks for this great week-end ! Getting another aspirine..my head still hurt 🙂 ! See U !

  • Mathijs

    Great show in Le Brevedent! And thanx again for letting me play my trumpet on Havanna. Drop me a line if u are ever in Holland!


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