If you want to milk the last drops of the weekend, join us at The Scottish Hobo Society tonight in The Bongo Club. Doors at 11pm, £3 entry. Regular club night presented by Gamma Ray and DJ Set from Vic Galloway. 2 Bands on stage after midnight! (we’re on second)

Gamma Ray – . . . → Read More: Hobo

Novelty Christmas Toilet Paper

I realise that the heading alone is sufficient, really, but as I always say, why use four words when fifty will do?  The concept of this has disturbed me since I was forced to buy some because that was all that the shop had left.  In what parallel realm do the designers of that product . . . → Read More: Novelty Christmas Toilet Paper

Five Corners Quintet

Wow.  Those of you who made it to the gig last night will know what I’m talking about.

Thanks to Ewan of the Voodoo Rooms for booking us and to Tom for producing one of the best onstage sound balances we’ve had in a wee while.  We had a ball in our support slot and . . . → Read More: Five Corners Quintet

The Drawing Room Sessions

‘The Drawing Room Sessions’ – a fitting name considering the surroundings. Thanks to everyone at the Graffiti Project (Kelburn Castle) for such a wonderful evening of music and food. I tried my best not to drop a stick during the proceedings so as not to give Moose the excuse to look at me with . . . → Read More: The Drawing Room Sessions

Bond… Government Bond

Not that it’s relevant to anything, but I went to see ‘Quantum of Solace’ this week.  I was just thinking that it’s weird how every generation gets the Bond it deserves.  Daniel Craig’s a great actor and is a good Bond, but the script can’t run to more than about twenty pages at the outside.  Instead, what . . . → Read More: Bond… Government Bond