Ladies and gentlemen… Roy!

On a lighter note… At a few gigs recently, people have asked whose signature is on my acoustic guitar.  I should explain that my guitar is made by Ayers, an Australian luthier.  As soon as I saw that name inside the sound box, I christened my guitar ‘Roy’ after the legendary vibes player Roy Ayers.  Anyway, last year, when I’d been playing my lovely acoustic for a couple of years, we got the support slot for Roy Ayers in the Liquid Rooms.  That was a real privilege because not only is he an extraordinarily talented musician (who has worked with a string of greats including Stevie Wonder) but he is also a genuinely lovely guy.  I knocked on his door after the show and explained the story about my guitar and asked him if he’d mind signing it.  He was all for signing it on the back but I insisted he take pride of place on the front.   I had even bought a CD marker pen for the occasion.  Of course, the next day I opened my guitar case to look at it and thought it made my guitar even cooler so I couldn’t resist having a little play.  That’s when I suddenly noticed my finger tips had gone blue and the ‘Peace & Music’ had become ‘ieace u iiiusic’.  I covered the signature up for a year, intending to get it properly sealed, but then I found out I should have sanded the varnish off beforehand and all sorts of nonsense so the signature is now there for all to see until such times as it wears off.  I love it. Thanks Roy!

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