Well – a few months since our last post and I’m thinking we’ve not embraced this Web 2.0 thing with enough aplomb…
Hugh’s seasonal fruits aside, we have actually been quite busy. You may have noticed our new blog! Other than a much needed revamp, this one makes it really easy for Marty to upload photos so no more excuses there…

Not sure what happened with the dates though as our most recent trip to Europe was at the end of May, not Feb.
We had such a good time and met some great people. Each gig was magical for it’s own reasons. I’ll just nudge Marty to give you the lowdown as he’s the words man…

We’ve recovered from the Edinburgh Fringe – a big thanks to all of you who stayed up to see our Fringe Jazz Bar gig on Aug 16th. We were supposed to be on stage at 2am but when it came to the usual Marty & me standing on stage ready to go with still no sign of Hugh at 1.50am I decided to nip out and give him a call…

Ring ring…
Ring ring…

(checks watch)
Ring ring…

“How you doing?”
“I’m just…. on my way out the door”
“You just had a wee nap?”
“……….ahm, I diiid just have a little nap yes but my cars just outside”

“uh huh – we are actually on stage in 5 minutes”
“yes, yes, no problem, no problem at all…. I’m on my way, on my way”
“Looking forward to it”
“see you soon, yes – I’ll be there in 5”

So after Marty & I’s usual “not like us to be waiting for Hugh” conversation, followed by Hugh’s eventual (and signature) Grand Entrance with handshakes, hugs and kisses we finally get going around 2.30am. Fortunately Erik da Viking had some amazing vinyl up his sleeve.

It was a sweaty one but good to see you all there and good to play with Rob “musketball” Ironside on Alto sax once again.

We did an Acoustic Edinburgh special event as a Fringe preview with the incredible Nell Bryden who’s gone from girl with guitar busking around the UK to supporting Counting Crows on tour within the space of (a very hard working) 2 years. She’s got an amazing voice so check her out.

Also we’ve just done our first gig in Perth at the Twa Tams alongside the Douglas Kay Band. Good to spread our wings again. Particularly since lizards don’t have wings.

Plans are underfoot for our debut album release which is likely to be next June. Most of the recording’s in the bag already but we’re wanting to do this one properly so stay tuned.

A good example of a gel
A good example of a gel

So tonight, we’re all heading out for a bit of a jam session at 80 Queen Street, Edinburgh. We’ll be performing as “Organogel” (a name inspired by our collaborative Tenor sax player Steve “the ear” Meeker’s former research job) and playing some 1970’s instrumental grooves. Should be a lot of fun as we’ve not played those tunes for a long time and we’ll be joined by JB Richon (keys) and Rob Ironside again on sax.

May be see you there!


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