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The Roy Ayers support was fantastic.  What a totally cool man! He came and had a chat with us before the gig just to say ‘Hi’ and wish us luck.  He played up a storm and we had another chance to speak to him when we headed backstage afterwards.  I was in the middle of complimenting him on the energy of the whole band’s performance when he said ‘Energy?  You hear that?  He said energy. Ah’m sixty-five years old.  If Ah move my leg, Ah get tired.’   Anyway, as I mentioned, my guitar is named after Roy and the great man was kind enough to sign it for me!   ‘Peace and Love to you and yours, Roy Ayers, 2007’  So of course the first thing I did when I got home was take a look at it again, and then since Roy is such a nice guitar I had a wee play, and then of course I noticed my fingertips on my right hand were covered in blue ink – which was the moment I realised that the CD marker pen that I got him to sign it with is not apparently smudge free on varnished wood… oh good.  So now it reads ‘ieace and iove’ since I decapitated the top line a bit.  I think it is rescue-able, but I haven’t had time to sort it yet so I played the Skye Festival with the front shoulder of Roy (the guitar) wrapped up with a bit of paper and masking tape.  I contemplated writing ‘Save Darfur’ on it just to look as if it was a radical statement, not just a piece of incompetence on my part, but then I got worried that although I am concerned about the plight of the people there, someone might ask me to point it out on a map.  I decided that looking like my guitar had a bandage on because I’m a careless tool was probably a better policy. 

I’ll post a pic of the signed guitar when i get it sorted (that’s if the whole thing isn’t just a blue blob by now.)


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  1. You working out how to post a picture will be almost as much of a shock at Hugh working out how to find the blog. }: )

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