Is Hugh ever going to post?

It’s a question which I’ve been mulling over for some time now.  When he confirmed the Skye Music Festival was on we said, ‘Great! Why don’t you make that your first post.’  It wasn’t intended to be a question.  He said ‘Great, I’ll do that.’   


That was a space to allow you  to look for the post.

When everyone was asking about T-shirts and he sent away the logo to his mate Oliver who runs one of the coolest T-shirt businesses in New York (Mister Blister) we said, ‘Great.  Make that your first post.’  He said ‘Great!’ 


Can you see where I’m going with this?   

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  1. No, Hugh is never going to post. However, Pooh might, dare i say, drop one in the blog to have the first response to your question. Having been away from technology for some time, i would like this new dawn to highlight my excitment at playing the Skye festival this weekend.

    Don’t worry guys, I’ll cover your asses! But seriously, i’m looking forward to the vibe over the whole weekend and staying the night in a teepee. Also, lets not forget the Clachaig on Friday night. Do you think we could get Dougie to play some tunes in the ‘aig?

  2. Bloody hell! Does this herald the return of the messiah? Governments around the globe might collapse and the weather may indeed turn out to be controlled by Ming the Merciless; a star in our own galaxy may go supernova and be the brightest thing in the Southern sky at any moment – replacing our moon, in effect (so they say)… and I would still be talking about Pooh’s post. I need to go away and lie down.

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