Mo’ mentum

We’ve just heard that our new mini-album “Momentum” (the follow-up to our last EP “Mentum”) will be arriving tomorrow!- a whole 2 days before the launch date. We can now breathe easy knowing that we’ll have something to sell this time… With artwork again by the amazingly talented MCR, it looks great and sounds large. […]

As busy as Mrs B. Body of Busy Cottage, Busyton, at a church social, after accidentally over-hearing that two of her neighbours have been having an affair…

Or, as busy as Juan the Piranha – a fish noted by his busiest friends for being particularly busy – when a large bleeding cow has fallen in the river.  Too graphic?  Ah well… how about: as busy as an enormous bumble bee with ADT.  Basically, sorry for the break, but we’ve been busy.  Just back from […]

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