The Chanter

Gecko 3 perform two 45 min sets at this newest of Edinburgh’s venues.  Come and join us for a chocolate egg at midnight

Where: The Chanter, Bread St., Edinburgh

When: Sat 7th April, on stage at 9pm

Tax: FREE!

2 comments to The Chanter

  • A humourous story about The Chanter…

    The last time I was there I was rudely ejected from the premises because the duty manager (who I will refer to politely) thought I was “doing drugs” and gave me no chance to plead my innocence… He made me leave my friend and our just-bought beers behind too!

    If I can change my appearance sufficiently by 7 April I’ll try to come along!

  • An easy mistake to make Andy – I’ve seen you after a few beers…

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