j’aime beacoup faire de la photographie

Et…. voila – les photographs de notre gig en Paris ils y a… ici!
(Excusez-moi mon Francais…)

Translated – “here’s some photies from our Paris gig and that”

Marty goes for an extended jazz chord, inspired by a rather nice Gibson semi.


Moose gets creative with the Palatino “French Stick”…


Hugh lays down the law before “les gendarmes du la musique…. jazz” arrive.

View all the pics——————> here!

Alors. I’m sure there’s some sort of “trackback” thing you can do in the whole Blog thingy but until I’ve worked it out, check out the venue blog… here
A great wee bar to find yourself in if you’re in Paris & keep an eye out for The Jazz Mooners

We shall be returning to L’Olympique on our forthcoming European Tour – details to be announced!

2 comments to j’aime beacoup faire de la photographie

  • Eh bien, enfin the answer to the age old question: ‘Qui a manger tous les tourtes?’ Moi, apparently.
    Moose, where did you get that stomach thingy? A stone in three days you say?

  • That was the night we played the Kashmir Klub in London & then I “holed up” (pardon pun) in my pals house for 3 days. Probably a British Rail chicken sandwich…

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