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Anyone know how to shift that chest/throat infection thingy?  I’ve had it since December the 22nd (on and off) and it won’t leave me alone.  I thought a measure of fame would be to achieve my first stalker, I just didn’t realise it might only be a virus…  The recording is experiencing a temporary hiatus until my voice recovers but it’s taking forever.  Mucho pissed off.   We did manage to get the lead vocals down for three tracks in between me bleating and moaning about not feeling well though, so it’s not all bad news.  Just three more leads, backs, a couple of acoustic guitar tracks and some comedy percussion and we’ll be all set.  We’re currently aiming to launch in a mid-evening gig at the Jazz Bar on Saturday March 24th, though that would be throat-dependent because it’s hard to launch an ep that hasn’t been recorded.  I’m off for a pint of lemsip tops.  Bleat, moan, whine, noone’s ever been this unwell etc.  (I can’t multitask either.)


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  1. Oh dear… that’s not good. I had to resort to ugly antibiotics to shift mine a couple of weeks ago – yuk.

    Eagerly awaiting the recording and your next gig!

    Get well soon,


  2. Hey – me too : ( I’m just hoping you didn’t chloroform me and stick your tongue down my throat during the recording and that my own chest infection is purely co-incidence.
    I’m sure we’ll hit the launch date – I just need to find a “de-nasalizer” plug-in for Sonar…

  3. Yip me too; spent the weekend with the taste of rotten eggs or musty peanut butter in my mouth (why is it your brain tells you what it tastes like yet you have never presumably tasted these things?)

    Anyway went to the doc today and he chirpily announced that I had a “particularly nasty viral infection” and that I was “at present highly contagious”
    however with it being a viral infection there was jack he could do.

    However he did helpfully suggest I “purchase some ‘Vicks'”, to keep my sinuses clear or they would “become infected”…. Erm thanks…..

  4. NHS is fantastic isn’t it? I remember having severe food poisoning & was immobilised for 3 days before managing to stagger to the doctor. He told me to stop trying to eat and to just drink Bovril. (I’d lost over a stone in 3 days). Bovril!

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