Life enhancing breakdancing

Great gig last night.  The Quantic Soul Orchestra were a top band and very nice guys.  A special mention must go to the performance of their Hammond player: that man knows how to sell a solo! Spanky was a tremendous performer and watching her get the crowd singing and giving people who were talking (instead of singing) into trouble was class.  Interestingly, during the sound check the Quantics were trying out some latin stuff with afrobeat drums and guitar which sounded awesome.  I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t play any of it during the set, but Will said they’d only come up with the groove the day before.  It’s something to look forward to, believe me.

Our set went down well and we had a lot of fun.  Tomsk (from Bombskare) played an extremely tasteful solo on Jazz Club and the Low Down and the last two tracks were further enhanced by three guys doing some breakdancing right in front of the stage.  Fantastic.  I just wanted to stop singing and watch them, but once I start if I don’t finish the song my head explodes due to the presence of an excess of words.   Anyway, like I said, the dancing was great and quite inventive. If you happen to read this guys, it was a real pleasure to see you throwing down some moves.  Get in touch and maybe we can all do it again some time?  A top night.  Cheers if you came along. 

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