Very excited about the upcoming support slot for the Quantic Soul Orchestra on Thursday.  So excited that apparently I am living my life one month out of synch with the rest of the world: sorry for saying that the gig was on Thursday 7th November in my last mailout - it should of course have read Thursday 7th December.  Thanks to those of you who pointed out my mistake.  I suspect that my error was due to accidentally missing July this year due to an administrative error in my head.  

So, having had so much fun in Paris, I headed to Amsterdam last weekend without the rest of the band to see if I could drum up some gigs for us in summer.  Things are looking quite positive, but I’m not sure that I understand Dutch humour… In Cafe Alto ( a nice little jazz club) there had obviously been a booking mistake so they had scratched up a band at the last minute who took the stage nearly two hours late.  Anyway, the pianist’s opening gambit was to apologise for the late start and to state that unfortunately the band who should have played had been wiped out in a car crash.  Hilarious.  

On the plus side, I can thoroughly recommend Bar Gollem in Amsterdam.  Tiny and intimate, it stocks over two hundred different beers and the several ones that I tried (I lost count) all seemed pretty good.  Also, they didn’t point and laugh when I smacked my head off a rafter coming back up the stairs.   Concussion or not, Gollem makes it into my top thirty European bars.  Hmm, now there’s an idea for a tour… 



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