4 Recordings and a Tour Date… Santa who?

Finding it hard to refocus on Christmas after the week of recording up in the Highlands – well, I say a week, actually it ended up being a little under four days given a mystery illness which hit me (one evening) and then Moose (day and a half) and travel issues caused by the relentless wind and rain.   We got a lot done in that shortened period though with kick-ass versions of the Doo Doo Song, Key to Evolution, Is You Runnin’ T’ings?, Funky Dove, Jazz Breakfast, Havana and By Some Miracle in the bag as far as the instrumentation goes.  Lots of work still to be done (I’m warming up my vocal chords as I type – that’s the thing about singers, it’s always ‘me me me’)  but the intention at this point is still to get an EP out (a companion piece to Mentum..) early in the year followed by an album before we go off on tour. 

We have secured our first tour date – at the end of the tour – in that little Parisian bar ‘L’Olympic’ for July 28th!   Current thinking is to tour down through Holland, Belgium and France to the Sud and back up the West of France in the last two weeks in July.  If anyone fancies joining us for a couple of dates (or longer) then the idea is going to be camping and drinking fine wine and gigging in July in the aforementioned geographical locations.  Sounds crap doesn’t it? Santa who?  I can’t sleep already from the excitement of thinking about the summer. 

Those of you who are outdoor types – hillwalking or festivals –  might care to consider a trip to the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe on Friday 25th May for a gecko 3 gig, followed by a day in the hills or a trip further North and West to the second day of the Skye festival, depending on how the mood takes you. It’s all good. 

Merry Christmas everyone, from all of us in gecko 3!


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  1. A trip to Glencoe sounds great – it’s in my diary!

    Travelling further afield would depend on getting a job (aka completion of New Year’s Resolution #0001)

    See you on Ne’erday!


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