Tout le monde aime un solo de basse… apparently.

Wow! Or should I say ‘Bof!’  What a weekend!  On Saturday night we played in Bar L’Olympic (Rue Simart) on the fringes of Montmartre and we had a fantastic time.  The owners of the bar were leading the dancing with the customers joining in and small crowds pressing their faces to the glass like kids at a sweetie shop, or so I’m told – we had our backs to the glass.  (It is of course possible that the were crowding round to see the curiosity of a drummer without an ass, but I prefer to think they were attracted by the music.)  It was oddly reminiscent of the old days in the Gilded Saloon.  Several fantastic guest spots were performed by Jean-Baptiste Richon and Steve Meeker who both played up a storm.  Thanks also go to Lionel Pascaud for his impromptu French rap in the Doo Doo Song.  Thanks too to the Jazzmooners for sorting out the gig and lending us their instruments for the evening – nice set and a nice CD, guys. The biggest thanks, though, go to Steve and Virginie for putting up with us all weekend.  Getting a group of musicians organised and across Paris so that we all arrived together was no mean feat.  they should take up cat herding with a skill set like that. 

All in all our gallic excursion has just made us more determined than ever to sort out a tour in Europe (concentrating on France) in the last two weeks of July next year.  L’Olympic have already agreed to host at least one leg of the tour.  We may manage to sort out a gig in Benon, too, so dust off your phrasebooks and corkscrews and come along – even if it’s just to laugh at me mangling the French language at the mic.!

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  1. Tu parle francais comme un vache espagnol! }: )

    Great weekend – big thanks to Steve & Virginie. I’m off to drink some water to aide my organs on the road to recovery…

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