The key to evolution

Well, following a less musically active January we came back with a bang more or less where we left off – in the Jazz Bar. It was nice to get back in the groove at the Fish Fry – so called because of the heat generated on the dance floor. Nice job, guys. Don’t get the impression that we weren’t busy in January though, those of us who didn’t get snowed in at the Acropolis (Ha!) have been taking a pick to the note mine. We’ve taken the chance to get some more new stuff up and running and we hope you’ll enjoy the product in the near future.

‘Is you Runnin’ T’ings’ is evolving into a deep groove with a bit of reggae thrown in for good measure, ‘The Key To Evolution ‘ should be pumping out whenever we can write the small-novel-worth of words required. It’s so phat that we’ll need to book two seats on the tour bus for it – and of course get a tour bus in the first place. Talking of tours, we’re trying to sort out something in the Highlands and Islands for later this year, but in the meantime you can catch us at Mad Hatter’s in Inverness this Friday. Looks like this year we’re managing to spread the net a little further to the West and South too, with gigs currently being planned in the Isle of Bute, Ullapool and London. We’ll keep you posted.

If you’re in Edinburgh, your next chance to catch us will be at ‘Diggin’ Deeper’ on April 7th or with the wonderful Amplifico on April 22nd in Henry’s Cellar Bar. That’s unless you can blag a ticket for the opening of (‘Mentum..’ cover artist) Mike Corbett-Reakes’ art show, of course…

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