Jazz Bar in November (and France in Summer 2018)

We are pleased to be back in Edinburgh’s famous Jazz Bar on Friday November 17th.  This is our first Gecko 3 gig back since the festival so hope to see you there.  We haven’t been completely asleep on the job in the meantime: we are hoping to make an announcement in due course about playing again . . . → Read More: Jazz Bar in November (and France in Summer 2018)

Gecko 3 CDs available online

If you’ve heard our tunes live and would like to buy our CD they are available through the website of one of our side projects – a Scottish folk duo called The Sorries.  www.thesorries.co.uk

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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Well, the Fringe is upon us once again and if you want to come and see us… then I’m afraid you’ll need to wait until the Autumn because we have already played our two shows this year! We were joined by the fantastic Jean-Baptiste Richon on keys and had a great time with a . . . → Read More: Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Jumping Jazz Bar

Thanks very much to everyone who made it to the Jazz Bar tonight.  It was a lot of fun and lovely to have a chat with some of you afterwards. The crazy dancing made me laugh on more than one occasion.   Special thanks to Mike Hardy and Jean-Baptist Richon for guesting on trumpet and keys respectively.  It’s . . . → Read More: Jumping Jazz Bar

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Just in case any of you were wondering where we’ve been, I have been celebrating the birth of my son in January by getting no sleep and trying to remember how to play the guitar with a child in each arm.  Paul got married last month to the lovely Sarah (Congratulations again!) and they have been . . . → Read More: Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Leith Theatre Trust Fundraiser

We are delighted to be playing the Leith Theatre Trust fundraiser on 26th July with a stack of great acts. Tickets are £10 from leiththeatretrust.org or from Tickets Scotland on Rose St. The action starts at 7pm in the Thomas Morton Hall in Leith.

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Tweedlove Festival

Excited to be playing the Tweedlove festival in Peebles this afternoon. Looks like the weather’s going to be okay and the folk that have been throwing themselves down hills on their bikes must have had a great weekend. 3.45pm at Tweed Green if you are in the area. Excited; our first gig for a . . . → Read More: Tweedlove Festival

Friday 13th gig

What could possibly go wrong? A Christmas party Jazz Bar gig for Gecko 3 on Friday 13th! I suppose since it will be after midnight (12.30) when we start playing we might escape the hoodoo. Bring your office party and try to tell the difference between the record decks and the photocopier…  This is . . . → Read More: Friday 13th gig

The albums are here!

Our albums have just arrived. So chuffed with them! We’ll be selling pre-release copies at the gig tonight so hope to see you there.

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Album is at the pressing plant…

We hope to have it for the second festival show, but the album – with stunning artwork by Alan R Davison (www.alanrdavison.com) – is in production. We will launch it officially in the Autumn but you have a chance to get you hands on an early copy on the 16th Aug at the Jazz . . . → Read More: Album is at the pressing plant…